7 Ways LAPPLJUNG RUTA Makes Us Swoon

We’ve been a fan of IKEA’s LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug for an embarrassingly long time. Madison + I are semi-regular IKEA shoppers– there’s a store about an hour and a half away from Richmond, and we make the trip about once a season. There were many, many trips that included a long moment of standing in front of this rug and pining for it. It’s not even an unattainably expensive rug! We just never had a reason. We came close more than once, but it never came to be; at one point, Mad bought another rug that matched her living room at the time, and at another point, I lived in a (disgustingly) fully carpeted apartment. However, this summer I moved into an all-hardwood floored house and the time had come. Luckily, my birthday was just around the corner, and my parents graciously gifted + delivered this rug! I’m so in love. Obviously, Madison came over immediately to oggle + lay on it.

It’s just such a great style! Its neutral color scheme allows it to go with any color scheme, and its pattern is bold, but still pairs well with other loud patterns. We hope to do some home tours soon, and you’ll definitely see this lil beauty in my bedroom!

Here are ten ways we’ve seen the LAPPLJUNG RUTA pattern that left me totally inspired. 


1. Modern Dressing Room by Jerrica Zaric Interior Design (as seen on Apartment Therapy)

Holy moly, this dressing room truly is a dream! i love the vibrant blue accent wall and the ultra-mod vanity. and hello shelf organization! this room is also doing something i have always been scared to try– carpet on carpet. so brave!


2. Plum Perfection Midcentury Accents (as seen on Saute Moi Au Cou)

That armchair. THAT COFFEE TABLE. Where in the hell should we start with this set up?! The pattern is a beautifully bold contrast to the soft, simple midcentury pieces while the monochromatic scheme lets those purples shine! This room has a little ways to go, but I like where it’s headed!


3. Dark + Bold Accents Paired with Natural Color Scheme (as seen on LILY)

A little LAPPLJUNG goes a long way in this space. It’s so hard to go minimalist and avoid that sterile vibe– but this fireside seating looks so cozy! That leather chair is gorgeous. Small accents really pull this look together; the hide throw, the glass bottles, the black + gold knick knacks above the fireplace make this minimalistic room a simple but intimate space.


4. Lovely + Light Dining Space (as seen on Style Me Pretty)

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here swooning over every aspect of this room. First things first, I love how our little trooper rug complements the hardwood floors. The pattern helps to break up some of the other wood accents in the room, like those (AMAZING) chair legs and the tabletop. Secondly, I love love love these mismatched chairs! They are so much fun, and keep the space from looking too cookie-cutter cataloguesque. Black, white, and gold accents on the sideboard, along with some greenery to top it all off, make this space so damn happy.


5. Nursery Bursting with Exciting Colors + Patterns (as seen on Design*Sponge)

This nursery is so freaking fun!! Baby rooms are another one of those areas that can quickly go into catalogue-looking mode, and this space is amazingly personable.The crib, the wall art, the awesome dresses… it’s all just too good. On first thought, LAPPLJUNG seems like it would clash with all this craziness– but in reality it just adds to the party! Honestly, just go ahead and look at the whole house tour– it’s so cute you’ll cry.


6. Dark Walls + Sentimental Accents (as seen on Apartment Therapy)

In contrast with some of the other spaces on this list, this room is quite a bit darker. However, the charcoal walls don’t make this space gloomy or cold. Not only do I find this set-up warm and inviting, I also find it extremely accessible. The antique, family accents create a cozy, old-timey vibe that’s hitting me right in the nostalgia; it’s a place for reading and relaxing, NOT an office (which is the role that my bed currently serves). The use of the LAPPLJUNG throw pillows makes you focus on the negative– space, that is. The white part of the pattern seems so bright here!


7. One (gorgeous) Color + A Whole Bunch of Patterns (as seen on The Life Creative)

When you’ve got geo-pattern on the bottom, solid stripe in the middle, and a wild hand-drawn print on top, surrounded by a deslish split-pea soup shade, then you know you’ve made it past the gates and into heaven. This cozy reading nook serves as an excellent reminder that your space is YOURS, use what YOU want, even if others aren’t hip to your multi-pattern groove quite yet. I even spot a few of our fave books in the corner, there!