9 (Renter-Friendly!) Ways to Up Your Kitchen Plant Game

We’re currently midway through a kitchen repaint. Making changes there is a little daunting since, in our apartment, the kitchen is where the magic happens. It’s certainly not large, yet we find ourselves cramming guests in there to chat over drinks instead of the larger living room. It’s just so light + cozy. At the end of the workday, all three of us meet in the kitchen to cook dinner and catch up about the day’s events.

The kitchen should be a happy, vibrant room in any house, and adding plants to the space brings life to those big, bulky appliances. Since we painted, I’ve been eyeing every plant I pass on the street and fighting a strong urge to spend a week’s earnings on the little leafy fellows. Instead, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration before I decide on the best ways to add some greenery to our favorite room.

Teacup Planters

No pots? No problem! Little plants look so cute in old dishes! Love the look but fresh out of antique teacups? Hello, thrift store…

Big Statement Plant

It may seem like a space-waster to some, but this guy adds a bold punch to a to an otherwise ordinary corner! Bonus point for that amazing midcentury planter.

Window Dwellers

I mean… what else were you going to put in the windowsill? I especially love this look because the symmetry of the pots juxtaposes the asymmetry of the plants! You can find how to build your own shelf just like this one here. Also, we see one of our kitchen staples hiding in there…

Green on Green

Loving the vibrancy + intensity of this color! Painting a statement wall takes less than a day, and changes the room entirely. (Just remember to keep a samples of that renters-beige for painting back pre-moveout!)

Hanging Planters

Hanging plants, especially ones that trail down, are a nice switch-up of direction from potted plants that grow straight up. Extra plus: they don’t take up precious counter space!

Single Stalks

Maybe not the longest-lasting option, but definitely affordable! Single monstera leaves or small bundles of eucalyptus are usually $5 or less at the bodega or farmer’s market, and last at least a few weeks in water!

Wild Weeds

Let it grow wild, baby! Livin in the jungle is a great look.

Tiny Guys

Sometimes all you need is a little something 🙂 These teeny blooms are perfect for a small space or a quick project.


These trailing vines look amazing packed in tight amongst books, dishes, and dry goods.