Izzie’s Fall Must-Haves

There’s something about Fall that makes me want to get my closet, schedule, + life organized and fresh– and somehow, that equates to buying new stuff. Maybe it’s my inner kid gearing up for a new school year (that isn’t coming anymore because I’m trying to adult). Maybe my inner mama-bear is gearing up for the long, barren winter, when fashion takes a violent turn from cute scarves + crisp air into a chrysalis-like parka which covers all but my eyeballs + a daily bitchslap of freezing wind to the face. But for now, I have at least two months of all my favorite autumnal activities, + I’d like to do them while looking particularly fresh. The best thing about accessories? They always fit. I’m a big, BIG fan of skipping any dressing room drama.


These are definitely a back-to-school craving that never went away. Who doesn’t want to start the year off with a new pair of sneakers? They’re right up there with a new backpack and a fresh new pack of Ticonderogas. Mmmm, I can smell the pencil shavings now…. but I digress. With this purchase, I not only have a great new pair of comfy shoes coming my way, but I’m also fancying myself quite the rebel. Everyone I know is a Nike FREAK. I think I’m being very black sheep-esque by branching out to New Balances (no one else cares at all… my boyfriend has gone from gentle persuasion toward a similar style in Nike, to forcing my card info into the New Balance website order form, just so we can stop talking about these sneakers and move on with our lives). I like these sneakers because they are low-tops that scoop right below the ankle– perfect for skinny jeans.


I have never bought a nice phone case for myself. Ever. Which is not to say I haven’t had them— it’s just that my usual shopping process involves finding something ugly, yet very protective, to fasten to my phone. I hate hate HATE breaking or losing my stuff, especially electronics. The only time I’ve ever had a cute phone case, it was little a Cath Kitson floral number I found at Tuesday Morning. I loved this case, got loads of compliments on it. You know what I didn’t get loads of compliments on? My shattered phone screen two weeks later, after some hot-and-heavy action with the concrete patio of a local bar. Whiskey Gingers and cute phone cases are why I can’t have nice things. It was back to the Otter Box for me.

Then I found this little lady from Rifle Paper Company (one of my all-time FAVORITE brands) online and I was in love. I was even more ecstatic when I found out that they sell this case at a store called Altar’d State, which we have in a mall around here. Now, imagine my heart shattering into more pieces than my old phone screen when, after arriving at the store, failing to find the case among all the stuff inside, and having to ask a very sweet 17-year-old sales associate for help, the words “slim case” sprawled across the box. Bells sounded and red flags went up— I cannot go through the loss and replacement of yet another phone screen. But you know what?? It has a freakin protective lip for the screen! Best of both worlds— not bulky, but safe! It’s like a beautiful, shiny best friend who tells my phone when to head back into the purse for the night because the big bottle of tequila sitting 3 feet from them is going to make tonight a bumpy ride.


I have this hat in black already, but I’ll probably get other colors. I love the heather grey, and I love the dark red. What can I say? There’s no better solution to a bad hair day than a snuggly beanie. Gotta love a cute problem-solver! They’re just the trustiest little things, and Carhartt is a great brand because it’s good quality, stylish, + affordable.


Don’t get me wrong— I like a deep red on my nails for any season. And if you know me at all, you know that I am an Essie obsessor and loyalist. So I’m completely psyched that their fall color collection this year includes an amazing dark plum called “In The Lobby” that I can’t wait to get my hands on (and on my hands). The other five colors are really perfect for the season as well— in a moment of weakness I may buy them all.


It’s October; we’ve stopped sweating, stopped rearranging our schedules at a moment’s notice to avoid going outside between the hours of noon + four PM. We’ve reached a time of year where it’s actually enjoyable to have lunch in a restaurant’s outside seating, or drive with the windows down + no AC. It’s time to get out of that lazy summer haze and back into a regimen that includes more than one appointment a month. It doesn’t have to be so bad, though— we’ll just go get one of our last remaining glasses of iced cold brew coffee and start to piece our lives back together, one appointment at a time. Anything involving self-discipline needs to also involve positive reinforcement, in forms including but not limited to tasty treats and pretty little helpers. Enter these beautiful planners from Ninj+ Ninj. You can find any of their planners on their Etsy shop or website, and almost everything’s $20 or less. So we can all just dry those teary eyes about the Ban.do agenda we slept on + is now sold out (we can still be in the #bandogirlgang together, though).


I’ve been drooling over these pins all dang summer. I saw the BFF one from Valley Cruise Press on Mindy Kaling’s instagram, and they’ve been on my mind ever since. But what a good time to get some for your backpack or newest cable knit sweater? The wonderful ladies at A Beautiful Mess have put together a fantastic guide of some of their favorites and I just. need. them. ALL.