LPD FREEBIE: 2016 planner printable

Happy New Year! We took a small break for the crazy, wild holidays. But we’re back at it, with lots of exciting ideas and plans for the upcoming year!

I have been looking for a printable calendar online for weeks now. Last year I found a great one on etsy; it was cheap to purchase the printable and cheap to have it printed at Staples. Then, all I did was pick up a 3-ring binder from Target, and I had a cute, organized agenda! For considerably less than most of today’s popular planners.

This year, finding what I wanted proved more difficult. As I looked through all of the options, I realized that I could probably make a planner template that fit me perfectly, instead of settling for one that had more or less than I needed. I’ve created a few different templates, and decided to share them here in case anyone else would like to use them!


The planner has a few separate parts:



The title page has space for your name, email, and phone number in case it gets lost!


The monthly dividers have space for monthly goals, reminders, and notes. The cover, title, and monthly pages should be printed single sided.


Choosing between the weekly and daily options is dependent on how much space you need for planning! For those who just use a planner for small date reminders and a light schedule, weekly may be best. The daily pages make a thick and detailed agenda with lots of room for scheduling tasks, planning meals, and brainstorming ideas! The weekly and daily pages should be printed double sided (savin trees is cool, y’all). And yes, apparently I don’t know when my Verizon bill is due, since I wrote it on a Monday and a Friday. Some people (me) are just beyond help.


I really recommend having these printed at Staples or any copy place, especially if you are printing double sided. Maybe some of you are home printing gurus, but I messed mine up quite a few times before heading to the print shop (and wasted a lot of my own ink in the process).

Now I’m using my Jonas snow days to get nice and organized, baking some treats, and catching up on some Christmas reading. Happy snow days! Stay warm 🙂