LPD Gets A Face Lift!!!

Hi guys! I’m feeling so free + positive about this creative space right now! My last post was a lengthy rant about progress over perfection, and getting the damn thing DONE. In the post, I mentioned how the look + feel of our blog was just way off; it didn’t feel like us! Unfortunately, I had no idea what would feel like a fit.

It’s so hard to get caught up in what’s trending, and what everyone else’s work looks like. During brainstorms, I found myself emulating a certain style I saw a lot, and beginning my process from that inspiration point. And every time I came back the next day with a fresh pair of eyes, my thought was: “this looks like every other twenty-something blog.” It was frustrating to feel like I couldn’t find a fit that felt original + personal.

Feedback from others is hard, too. Most of my pals are designers, and I’m (clearly) not. Everyone has their own style, and while I was receiving thoughtful, well-intentioned feedback from friends, their suggestions mostly weren’t my vibe. So finally, I just went with my gut, and I’m happy with where we’ve landed.

It also helps A TON that my partner is pretty easy-going when it comes to the blog’s look. Madison has strong, concise opinions and little-to-no filter. After hours of little adjustments, it’s nice to hand it over to her “cut this, keep that” mentality.

Without further ado: here’s my new brand board for LPD’s face lift!

Creating this board was honestly really freaking fun in every step– from researching the elements, to pouring through photos and colors, and finally settling on a final product. After the initial “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING” mini-panic, I got over myself and got to enjoy simply trying. Madison and I have always been inspired by midcentury modern decor, vintage fashion, and lots of colors + patterns. We really tried to incorporate those factors into our rebrand. Our new central color is a punchy mustard, which I LOVE. And I feel like it’s a color we’re not seeing enough of! (It was starting to feel like my Instagram feed was becoming a sea of mint + coral). I’m excited to graduate to Mustard. It’s also illustrative of our brand’s emblem, the daisy! I loved how the color told that story nonverbally.

With a new look, I also want to make a movement toward a more relaxed writing tone in this space. When we first started, I was so nervous about potential employers or distant family seeing this blog. I guess I still worry about that, but I need this blog to feel like coming home. I want to put my feet up on the coffee table, take my bra off, and if some curse words come out during an animated storytelling, then so be it! I want this to be a place for fun over formality; a place where successes and fuck-ups are equally celebrated.

What do you think of our new look? Any tips on making an A+ brand board? Share with us!


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