Note to Self: Less Thinking, More Making

Hi! As mentioned in a previous post, we are getting back into the swing of things here. It’s been hard– with so much going on, it’s easy to put your own stuff on the back-burner. Lately, I’m working on making a conscious effort to say “no” when I need to. I have the world’s most self-inflicted FOMO! Even when I have a million things on my to-do, I just can’t resist an invite to drinks or a movie. And while socializing is very important to me, it’s one of MANY personal goals!

I was really missing blogging, but something about the process of plugging back in was so overwhelming. I would log in, look at our site for about 90 seconds, say “nope,” and close my laptop. I got so in my head about what I disliked about the design + content of our site that I would discourage myself from engaging at all. Then, I read this post from my faves at A Beautiful Mess, and then I read it again. It really hit home for me, especially the part about “your best attempt ALWAYS be[ing] better than your best intentions.” It’s so true, sometimes I get so down on myself that I don’t even try! Blogging is intimidating as hell, and 99% of the time, the totally-curated world you see on the screen is complete bullshit. So when you don’t have 8234798 years of knowledge on photography and coding, on top of attempting to be a chef and a seamstress and beauty expert, on top of amazing gear and programs, it’s easy to feel like giving up. I don’t have any formal training on photography or design. I went to school for writing + editing. (Sidenote: school doesn’t matter + people find careers/personal fulfillment outside their field of study all the time, if they even choose the route of institutionalized academia! But that’s another rant for another time).

But, there’s good news: do you know who is a great source? YOUR FRIENDS. Being a novice at things like coding + design (and virtually everything) has taught me to… drumroll…. ask! for! help!!! The people around me are genius, passionate designers + developers, and people (usually) love to share about their talents + skills. You just have to ask! 

But Emma’s point is dead-on, and served as a great wake-up call for me. Sometimes you just have to shrug + say “fuck it” in order to let that creative muscle flex + flow. It’s okay to not be THE GREATEST at everything. Nobody is the greatest at even a handful of things. Except Beyoncé. But I’m definitely not Beyoncé-level of anything. And that’s ok! That doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to have a voice + a chance to just try something new. I’ve tried a few new things this month, and while I’m not very good at them, I’m seriously already addicted. So why should this creative space be any different? I’m working on a rebrand for LPD, and it’s okay that it’s never going to be the most amazing-looking blog in the history of the internet. I’m still excited about it. I’m feeling recharged and ready to refine what I’ve learned so far, and learn new parts of this literally never-ending black hole that is blogging.

Stay tuned for our new updates!


Does your “overthinking” ever get in your way? We’d love to hear your tricks for getting out of your head and into your interests. Let us know in the comments!