San Francisco 2016

I had the MOST AMAZING time visiting my bestie Lauren in San Francisco! In just a few days I fell in love with every little corner of the city. We had a blast running around town experiencing why everybody loves the #westcoastbestcoast.

I tried my hardest to document our adventures! Some events were easier than others. This is my first travel post, and I learned a lot about what’s easy to snap and what’s a little tricker to capture. I’m excited for my future endeavors in exploration; it’s definitely an area for personal growth.

Best part of travel blogging: Outside adventures make for beautiful photos, barely any editing required 🙂

Biggest travel blogging challenge: Not diving into the AMAZING plates at every. single. restaurant before taking a picture. I tried, I reeeeally did, but sometimes, like most times, food is bae and everything else is pretty much an afterthought.


My plane got delayed twice, and being the big travel novice dummy that I am, I didn’t eat before I got on the plane. I used Virgin America’s free flight wifi to text Lauren every 30 minutes telling her how hungry I was for 6 hours. So where’s the very first stop? Hopped off the plane, onto the interstate, and immediately off of the interstate and into the In-N-Out parking lot.

I N – N – O U T

I’ve never eaten something so good while experiencing all my tumblr-girl dreams coming to life simultaneously. The burger bags, those palm tree cups!

After this amazing spread of fine cuisine, we went to Lauren’s office downtown to attend an after-work party. I got to meet all of her lovely coworkers and see her awesome office and drink free beer!

(First day festivities not pictured: Lauren’s super cool office full of techy things, an insane burrito for dinn dinn.)


M I S S I O N  D I S T R I C T

Lauren and I walked around the Mission on our way to breakfast at Tartine. I loved her neighborhood; it has the most beautiful murals all over the place. This was just one of a whole alley full of 10-foot murals. Added bonus: there were a few girls who looked to be high school-aged doing a synchronized dance in matching tims and fitteds and being filmed for what looked like a v low budget music video? But they were SO good. Rly rly funny and awesome.


Your girls went IN on some pastry (like you knew we would) at this lovely bakery. Lemon tart, morning bun, almond frangipane croissant. One of these is probably enough for 2 people, so obviously we got THREE to share. Oops. Whatever, we don’t play around; eating this many carbs is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

This was my favorite mural, painted on the side of a women’s community center. The sign near the bottom says “SILENCIO = MUERTE; More Funds For Women’s Health Research”

Um, can I get a hell yeah??

T R E A S U R E  I S L A N D  F L E A 

Succulents for days, an amazing assortment of trinkets, and empanadas de jamón from a row of adorable food trucks. The view from the bridge was awesome– all those little white sailboats on the bay and Alcatraz, it was beautiful! The wind though….. straight-up assaulting. The strongest wind I’ve ever felt in my life. No wonder you see all those old-Hollywood actresses with their hair covered in a handkerchief and sunglasses– I felt like I got beat up by a ghost.

P A X T O N  G A T E

So many plant friends, little animal bones, and taxidermies. If it’s creepy cool, it’s at Paxton Gate. Definitely one of my favorite shops to visit.

(not pictured: TONS of flea market odds + ends; my hair post-wind attack; the spaghetti + meatball dinner we ate at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack)


B R E N D A ‘ S

WA-TER-MEL-ON-SWEET-TEA. THAT IS ALL. And spicy-smoky hollandaise oh my god it was blowing my daggone mind. Needed a nap about 3/4 of the way in though. But so worth it. Just go here. Just do it.

T H E  P A I N T E D  L A D I E S

So naturally immediately after personally consuming enough food for three Marines, it’s time to walk up a bunch of SF’s hills. Queue my death.

Whatever happened to motherfucking predictability, man…


Ice cream + Nutella Crepe animals. They were so cute it was almost tear-inducing.

(not pictured festivities of Day 2: Amoeba Music because I’m an idiot; a lot of quirky socks; comic books; dinner at Mission Pie)


So this day was probably A) one of the top 10 best adventure days of my life and B) the worst documented day of the trip, because my phone died mid-afternoon :(. We did so much and hit so many spots in the city. If anyone ever asks me what to do for a day in San Francisco, I would get them a map and highlight our path throughout this entire day.

M R .  H O L M E S  B A K E H O U S E

Started the day down in the Tenderloin. It was…… well you know.

Pretty sure they take away your Instagram account if you go to SF and don’t take a picture of the I Got Baked sign.

Also 10/10, would witness public urination for this breakfast again.

L O M B A R D  S T R E E T

Continuing with the theme of the trip: eat massive pastry, hike a mountain 40 seconds later.

This picture got featured on A Beautiful Mess’ Instagram! We fangirled really freaking hard! #abmtravelbug #5secondsoffame

F I S H E R M A N ‘ S  W A R D

Getting our Otis Redding on…. Basically everything by the water is wonderfully picturesque and everybody knows it because it was packed with tourists. Luckily we found a lil spot to watch the boats and eat some bread. This is a food tour, okay?!

(not pictured: Ghirardelli store that handed us free samples upon walking in, thus I found the location of my dream marriage proposal; one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had, an Italian on Sourdough at Boudin; a lot of people who looked like they belonged on a family vacay at Disney World; the purchase of my first enamel pin)

P A L A C E  O F  F I N E  A R T S

So pretty! Aaaaand my phone died.

T H E  G O L D E N  G A T E  B R I D G E

BFFs at the GGB! The Golden Gate is the most amazing shade of red– this picture does it absolutely no justice. It was the perfect ending to an amazing trip. I can’t wait to do more traveling!!

Check out our instagram @littlepaperdaisy for more photos!