Try this: Placemat to Pillow DIY

I’ve been attempting crafty things for awhile now, and I can safely say that the best DIYs all come from one place: my mom. As an extremely frugal woman with an art degree, she’s a total DIY OG. This project is one of her faves! Stuffing a placemat with polyfill makes an inexpensive, weather-resistant pillow that’s super easy to spot clean.

So when I saw this adorable Kate Spade placemat for $7 at Home Goods, I knew this would be my next DIY tutorial on the blog. It’s so easy, the whole thing took me about 40 minutes– a great lil Sunday project! I can’t help but love the fact that it’s Kate Spade, so adorable, and probably cost me $9 total including all materials.


  • One cute cloth placemat
  • package of polyfill stuffing
  • knife, or seam ripper if you’re fancy
  • needle + thread OR no-sew hem tape

My mat has a double seam, and the first step is to pop that seam open. I used a knife because I don’t have a seam ripper, but be careful!

Sorry Kate!

Once I created an opening, I got to stuffin!


When the mat has the desired amount of stuffing, the next step is to reclose the seam. I could have resewn it with a bit of white thread, but instead I took the lazy girl option and used some iron-on hem tape! 

Cut that tape to match the length of the hole. Then the tape lays inside the seam so that the cloth will adhere.

A few minutes with the iron, and the pillow is closed! I ironed the seam a few times to make sure it was really secure.

Because they’re made to get a little messy, placemats make durable throw pillows for indoors or outdoors. I wouldn’t let it get regularly rained on, but it looks perfect on my covered front porch! I loved sitting out there with a glass of iced coffee and a good book.

What’s your favorite porch activity? Where will you use your placemat pillow? Let us know in the comments below!

xoxo, Izzie